Censored Mirrors | Savvas Laz
Censored Mirrors

Censored Mirrors by Savvas Laz is a collection of unique, hand made mirrors, featuring “deleted / smudged” parts. By developing a process, using chemicals substances and glass paint, part of the silver tint on the back side of each mirror is being removed and hand painted, creating a visual game between the reflected object and the mirror.

The project was first presented during the occasion of the Palazzo Monti art residency, an artist residency program based in Brescia, housed in a palazzo dating back to 1200.

The Palazzo is an incubator for creativity and productivity, offering artists a chance to find inspiration, forge new relationships and create collaborations. Built in the XIII century, the residence is conveniently located at a short distance from Milan, Venice and Florence, offering resident artists the chance to visit culturally rich cities for research and inspiration. Decorated with Neoclassicist frescos from the late 1750s, the Palazzo provides an inspiring setting to create contemporary art.