NEO-ANCIENT | Savvas Laz

The Neoancient series by Savvas Laz is a collection born out of a synthesis between the natural and the artificial. It is conceived as an aesthetic paradox that combines the rawness of marble leftovers with the glossiness of hand-finished polyacetal rods.

The collection, that references the ancient Greek heritage, is composed by stools, benches, side tables and chairs made of high-quality marble (such as Dionysus white marble) standing on custom-made white polyacetal legs. Circular holes in the marble are filled by the industrial plastic to create an interrupted surface that is also smooth to the touch.

The object’s shape and dimensions are defined by the quarrying process: scratches, broken-off edges, machine drilling and other markings are left in place to become part of the finished object. Each piece is made by hand using a different piece of marble and is therefore unique.