FUTURE SKIN | Savvas Laz

The “skin” of the earth is able to save and transfer information for millions of years, the dinosaurs’ fossils being a case in point. Studying dinosaur skin impressions on the “skin” of the earth, along with skeletons and DNA samples, scientists managed to extract information about their characteristics, the way they lived, their habits, the diseases they suffered from and the causes of their extinction. Assuming that Homo Sapiens is the dinosaur of tomorrow, what would the “skin” of the earth look like as a result of his activity? How will our lifestyle, habits and “environmental awareness” form our impressions on the planet millions of years from now? Combining adverse environmental conditions such as the greenhouse effect, the world global warming etc, what results are we to expect? Will the future Homo Sapiens be able to resist all these phenomena?


The project was developed during the “Summer of Darkness” design workshop led by Bart Hess and his team, Spa, Belgium.